Meet Bootstrap evolution.

Ready to use responsive CTA Sections - Bootstrap 3.1. based

BLOCKS gives your unlimited templates variations in right way!



Powered by Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap clean, efficient code has a beautiful order to it that's simple to follow, resulting in faster programming and site speed. Bootstrap is a popular website framework these days, and for good reason; it's awesome!

Modern wireframes concepts

Wireframing is one of the most valuable parts of any web design project. It can save a designer tons of time by hashing out the details of a site's architecture, functionality, and content prior to actually starting a visual design.

Unlimited templates variations

Just compose Website Templates from ready to use sections in the required sequence. Header, Content, CTA, Footer ... Blocks provides sets of variants - now 50 sections and will be even more soon.

Responsive & ready to use

Responsive design sections have already been tested on a specific set of browsers and devices, which reduces the work required to launch a website.

It's all about Evolution. The basis of the evolution is cell. Cells have possibility to build large objects, also Bootstrap builds functional elements, from elements build snippets, from snippets go to blocks and from blocks - ready to use pages.

Also we have gained statistics on the best convertible patterns. We use them already about two years in our commercial projects and now in BLOCKS. Usually we use hitmap and A / B tests to determine the conversion and efficiency.


Z-Layouts. Directed to a user action

Z-Layout concept. As a result, we always want to get some action from the user, but creating templates, we often forget about it. The user has only one screen to come into contact with your website, it is limited by the size of the user's monitor, so - we want action and we have only one screen - Output - templates computed on one screen with a particular action.

The Z-Layout is a great way to start just about any web design project because it addresses the core requirements for any effective site: branding, hierarchy, structure, and call to action. While the classic "Z-Layout" isn't going to be the perfect solution for each and every website out there, it's certainly a layout that's effective enough to warrant inclusion in any web designer's arsenal of layout ideas. Learn more about Z-patterns on Tutplus.com

R-layouts. Directed to a devices size

We have created templates for devices retain focus on the concept of a user action. So we're going to improve this technology permanently

Mobile first Bootstrap 3.* allows you to work individually with any size of devices through a set of separate classes for each grid unit named columns

class="col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-12 col-lg-12"
So we get a simple and flexible settings grid system adapts to the screen size.

Also, due to this we can go to another powerful concept a step-by-step user actions through interactive dialogue. See below.


Steb-by-step concept.

There are many patterns of interaction with the user through the execution step-by-step users actions on your site. This proved efficiency and simplicity for the user. In this case, this also applies this concept to BLOCKS sections. Each section has a specific purpose, you can easily spend a user steps through these sections.

These blocks can be any size, but do not forget about the size of the user's screen. We can expand the directions of interaction vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling third dimension popups This allows the most simple to navigate user on the site and can fit more background information in one window


Just three easy steps to develop your Bootstrap templates... done right

1. Download BLOCKS

Choose a suitable license and download BLOCKS right now!

2. Choose sections & Make templates

Simply select the desired section and make your template in minutes

3. All done!

Save your time and energy for more interesting things that are so much


Increase your productivity

Good developers are always looking for ways to be faster and to automate their workflows. There you have it! A collection of great Blocks to automate your work. Hopefully, some will speed up your workflow.

Saves time

During our work replaces the life All we want to work less and live more, we created Blocks for ourselves and now our life has become easier.


Increase customers sales

Your customers may not always understand that there is a modern web-design and user experience, you can provide ready-made, proven, tested solutions that really work

Saves customers time

Now it will be easier to provide several variants to your customer, easier to choose not to spend customer time designing Interfaces. Result - everyone is happy!



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